I regularly travel to conferences and universities to interact with scientists and to give presentations on academic publishing or workshops on science writing & science communication.


Chalmers Excellence Initiative Nano, Sweden
Imperial QDT workshop, London, UK
Hiroshima University, Japan
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
CIC NanoGUNE,San Sebastian, Spain
Graphene study 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
UCL DQT workshop, London, UK
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Graphene study 2015, Kaprun, Austria
MINT Center, University of Alabama, USA
Graphene study 2016, Les Houche, France

  Image courtesy of QD2016

Image courtesy of QD2016

Conferences I've spoken at

GRC Multiferroics 2018, Maine, USA
NCCR-QSIT 2018, Monte Verita, CHE
VLSI 2018, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Graphene Week 2017, Athens, Greece
CRC 1242, St Peter-Ording, Germany
GRC Spin dynamics, Les Diablerets, CHE
iSPN 2017, Dalian, China
ICMM 2016, Alabama, USA

Quantum dot 2016, Jeju, South Korea
KPS Fall 2015, GyeongJu, South Korea
Graphene week 2015, Manchester, UK
IC2DMat 2015, Hangzhou, China
Graphene week 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden
Joint MMM-Intermag 2013, Chicago, USA
F-Pi 11 2013, Arcachon, France
IEEE Intermag 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

Other places I've spoken/visited

National Nano Device Lab., Taiwan
IBM Thomas J. Watson Lab, New York, USA
Intel components research, Oregon, USA
MSRI, Berkeley, USA
cfaed, TU-Dresden, Germany
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan
University of Colorado State, Fort Collins, USA
NIST, Boulder, USA
JILA, Boulder, USA
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA
University of York, UK
UNIST, Ulsan, South Korea

Kings College, London, UK
CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
MPI Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany
POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea
IBS, Daejeon, South Korea
Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
KIST, Seoul, South Korea
KIAS, Seoul, South Korea
Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA
University of Groningen, Netherlands
NUS - National University Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Conferences I've attended

SRC Jump event, Oregon, USA
APS March meeting 2018, Los Angeles, USA
IEDM 2017, San Francisco, USA
CEMS symposium 2017, Tokyo, Japan
APS March meeting 2017, New Orleans, USA
CEMS-QPEC symposium 2017, Tokyo, Japan
Quantum Materials Synthesis, New York, USA
MMM-Intermag 2016, San Diego, USA
Graphene week 2016, Warsaw, Poland
NSCS-QSD 2016, Tokyo, Japan
APS March meeting 2015, San Antonio, USA
Graphene 2015, Bilbao, Spain

Magnetism 2015, Manchester, UK
Metamaterials 2015, New York, USA
ICM 2015, Barcelona, Spain
Topological Magnets 2015, Tokyo, Japan
Quantum dot 2014, Pisa, Italy
Graphene week 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden
MMM 2014, Hawaii, USA
MRS 2014, Boston, USA
RS organic spintronics 2014, London, UK
Magnetism 2014, Leeds, UK
ECME2013, London, UK
Spintech 6 2011, Matsue, Japan